Wake Me Up When September Ends.

A wanderer capable of grasping the beauty of the grass, with a heart full of ancient charm, and a fondness for playful wit. Those who understand my words are knowledgeable individuals; those who decipher my code truly comprehend the essence. I am a wandering code swordsman, carrying my skills and riding freely through the digital world.

这是一段来源于 `carbon.now.sh` 的代码

carbon.now.sh 可以让你的文本代码转换成图片,并可以随时分享出去!

const pluckDeep = key => obj => key.split('.').reduce((accum, key) => accum[key], obj)

const compose = (...fns) => res => fns.reduce((accum, next) => next(accum), res)

const unfold = (f, seed) => {
  const go = (f, seed, acc) => {
    const res = f(seed)
    return res ? go(f, res[1], acc.concat([res[0]])) : acc